How to Bring Your Bad Soil Back to Life

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When you're trying to grow a garden, one of the biggest challenges you can be faced with is having soil which is not good to start a garden with. It doesn't have to be this way if you know the steps to take to revitalize your soil. Revitalizing your soil can be as simply as preparing it to be used for growing flowers or vegetables. These are simple skills anyone who is serious about growing a garden should have. But if you don't have these skills then don't worry, I will outline a simple formula for bringing your soil back to life if it is in a bad condition.

First step

You want to determine what kind of soil you're working with. Are you working with hard soil that has to be broken up? Are you working with sandy soil that has been drained of nutrients, or are you working with the kind of soil that is like clay and is unable to drain properly. You will be able to make the distinction if you give it a simple test by holding it and masking it in your hands.

Second step

You want to now remove any grass that is in the areas and prepare to use a technique called tilling. Tilling consists of removing all the crap that might be in your soil such as debris, sticks, rocks, and other material which may interfere with you having a nice garden. This will also serve to break up any large pieces of dirt that's stuck together.

Third Step

Once you have determined what kind of soil you have and you taken the necessary steps to till it properly, you will now want to determine what kind of a balance you need to make it right. You do not want sandy soil, and you don't want soil that looks and feels like clays. As a result, you probably will want to consider adding a balance by mixing the proper amounts into the soil. But doing that may be harder than it sounds. You can just use a compost to balance out your soil and feed it the proper nutrients to get it back on base.

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How to Bring Your Bad Soil Back to Life

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This article was published on 2010/03/27