Well designed aerators for pasture land

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An efficient aeration system is required whether one is concerned with commercial farmland, pasture land or turf. It’s only the better aeration system that will firstly break up compaction and then make passages for the easy entry of air-water-nutrient mix to reach the roots. Only then will the condition be ripe for a quantum increase in the yield of the land. The causes and results of compaction are well-known. The major reasons for compaction to occur are firstly equipment traffic. The high traffic loads from equipment break up the soil particles and then force them together once again. This forces the air out of the system and reduces the pore space that is needed for the movement of air and water.

Livestock traffic also brings about a similar problem and one may get deep soil compaction layers over a period in case the situation is left untreated. Strangely enough, rain, especially if it is heavy, forces the small particles on the surface into pore spaces near the top layer. This creates layers of crust. An efficient pasture aerator is necessary for increasing forage production. Machines such as coulters are used that make slits in the soil. There are rollers with spikes also that make indentations in the soil and prongs that function like subsoilers. Compaction is reduced in the soil thereby increasing water infiltration.

The use of the AerWay smoothing roller allows the user to vary the depth of venting to 6” or 4” depending on whether moisture is in plenty or less during the times of stress. It’s important to carry out effective venting aeration in order to maintain organic matter in the soil. This prevents the tendency of the soil to form compaction and favors a healthy growth of the roots.

Another effective AerWay product is the lawn plug aerator. Lawn aeration involves a control of lawn thatch as well as the reduction of compaction. Thatch is a layer of dead organic matter that causes a deprivation in oxygen while compaction prevents the growth of plant roots. It is observed that core aerators, that have hollow tines and pull out plugs or cores, are most effective in controlling both thatch and compaction. The core aerators leave behind holes that allow improved movement of air, solar radiation and water to reach the roots. Since the holes retain water, frequent watering is avoidable.

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Well designed aerators for pasture land

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Well designed aerators for pasture land

This article was published on 2011/12/19